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Prelude to widgets in the main menu

Dependent on your objectives, you can now also offer your users more extensive information directly on the home screen of your app. With the help of so-called widgets, you can present small interactive information tidbits and, in addition to the menu items, which can now optionally also be hidden, make a larger design of your main menu. 

With the release of the new extension, two initial types of information are now possible for display. These include the local weather and also the display of the current case numbers of the COVID19 pathogen using official figures from the Robert Koch Institute.

To add it, just call and select the extension under Building Blocks and More.

Under the settings, the two widget types can then be created and combined as desired. Depending on the package selected, the feature may not be available or may be limited.

Try it out and get feedback from your users. In the future, there will be more interesting types of widgets. Among them are news, content areas, advertising banners, etc. If you have any other requests, please feel free to contact us via email or chat.