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The most important device that brings you even closer to your customers and fans!

Yes it's not the smartphone anymore no it's a piece of jewelry - something which also shows the time 😉 Smartwatch is the somewhat technical term for this seeming gadget. Due to the way it is worn, it virtually hangs on the arms of your fans and customers. Yes it is no longer the smartphone, no it is a piece of jewelry - something that also displays the time. 😉 Smartwatch is the somewhat technical term for this seeming gadget. Due to the way it is worn, it virtually hangs on the arms of your fans and customers. 

What could be more obvious than to bring interesting and important messages directly to this device?

But wait, the fashionable accessory is still only isolated, to be seen in the wild. But since it daily more become, you should not disregard it.

These people and thus under circumstances your fans and customers enjoy namely a special status in the society.

Yes they are it, which order these new technical Spielerein and equipment classes with large interest as one of the first and use at the same time in the everyday life. These individuals like to talk about such new things and praise them everywhere.

If you score here with crisp messages on the watch, you are in the game.

Besides the group of so-called influencers, there is another one that you should not disregard either. The other people can namely due to their higher income class this device and show sometimes also many times otherwise interest in high-quality products and services of you.

With new tea - Gives directly the coupon on the watch

If you show yourself here, you even appear Innovative and cause interest.

Now then how do you provide these watches and its wearers with helpful messages?

It couldn't be simpler. So you need your own app, and since you're reading this, you've probably already created and set one up at digilöwe. Then you need an active enterprise package and the publication in the respective app stores.

Once your users and fans have installed your app from the store, you're ready to go. In your app management, it is a matter of choosing something to share between news, events and coupon. So as soon as you publish and share a new item there, your app will send a push notification to all devices. If there is a smartwatch with it, then the direct notification will happen there. Once the user gets it, if they want and are interested, they can jump directly to your app and learn more about your news.

Smart Push - Now PushPlus has come to the app.

I can't tell you if this works for other app providers. If you have time, you are welcome to try it out.

What else to know! In brevity lies the spice.

Too many notifications are annoying and bring your users in the worst case to uninstall your app. You should avoid that and therefore rather send short and concise messages. Better think twice than pushed too fast.

Until then, we wish you
much success with your smart pushing

Your digilöwe team.

PS: Why are we using your first name? Simple, we think it's more personal and yet brings us closer. It puts us on an equal footing. If you don't like it, let us know