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Mobile is misleading! And other important facts about mobile marketing.

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The word "mobile" is misleading, because mobile marketing is not always mobile...

Mobile marketing means first and foremost that you can reach your customers directly with your offers and news on their mobile devices anytime, anywhere. Whether they are mobile themselves, i.e. on the move, or not. They may be sitting on the sofa surfing the Internet on a tablet or smartphone when your message reaches them. Placing ads on mobile devices, that is, very roughly, mobile marketing. Wikipedia says something longer about it: "Mobile marketing is the circumscription of marketing measures using wireless telecommunications and mobile devices with the aim of reaching consumers as directly as possible and leading them to behave in a certain way." But that's by no means all:

What else can mobile marketing do?

But mobile marketing includes not only the transmission of information and offers to customers, but also the collection of information. For example, with the help of analytics tools that can be integrated into an app. And so is selling real or virtual products. So what mobile marketing can do is now obvious: it can reach your customers directly with information and also transmit information from your customers to you. You and your customers can communicate with each other directly, regardless of location. And this can then in turn lead to sales deals, appointments, etc.

What advantages does it have over other types of marketing?

Mobile marketing is more direct and effective. This is because the prospect gets exactly the information he wants. Example: If the prospect has downloaded an app and enabled Push he also wants to be notified about promotions and other news via Push. Just one of many examples, but a significant one.  Because already 7 out of 10 app users activate push notifications in their apps. This makes mobile advertising extremely effective compared to unwanted pop-up window ads or annoying banner ads that probably no customer would voluntarily ask for. Unlike traditional marketing via print or radio advertising, which continues to decline, (see statistics below) mobile advertising is on the rise and is even overtaking it. And it will do so this year.

The Future of Mobile Marketing

The future of mobile marketing is therefore bright. The next generations are already growing up completely mobile now. And the older generation is already following suit. With cell phones and tablets, and soon other mobile devices as constant companions.   A small numerical comparison of different media use:<

TV 2009 - 45% 2012 - 38%
Online 2009 - 25% 2013 - 20%
Radio 2009 - 17% 2012 - 12%
colspan="1"> Print 2009 - 9% 2013 - 4%
Mobile 2009 - 4% 2013 - 20%
 Source: eMarketer via

Mobile marketing could become the most important advertising tool of all time, the most direct access to your customers it already is today.  

How important do you think mobile marketing is?   

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