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And forever the timeline beckons? Why one Facebook page is not enough

Whether as a business owner or an individual, we can't get around Facebook. The channel is omnipresent and present in every situation - by the way, among supporters and opponents alike.

For a contemporary and future-oriented company, it is indeed unthinkable today to operate without its own fan page on Facebook. According to Statista, 93% of all companies use this social media channel - worldwide! But: 76% of all companies also use Twitter, 67% LinkedIn, 53% YouTube and after all 49% Google+. [1]

Yet some make the big mistake of focusing so much on Facebook that they neglect everything else: Who is interested in the possibly already atrophied Internet presence of one's own company website, the Instagram account, the newsletter?

All are cavorting on Facebook, there you can also directly free yourself from all the useless ballast. Facebook - and that's it for online customer communication? The visitor numbers usually prove you right. But only at first glance.

So many a clever entrepreneur has already made this momentous mistake and plunged into disaster. Especially if he has also equated his Facebook presence with digitization.

Online communication: multichanneling - and a part of the big picture

Just like a company's Facebook fan page, its own website, Twitter account or possibly even its own app is an important part of your company's marketing mix. And it is precisely this mix that is crucial.

In the following sentences, I would like to show you some arguments and advantages that support this multi-pronged communication path as the right one and that you should by no means leave out of sight. Do not shy away from the possible extra effort: in the end, it will be worth it for you.

Point 1: The supposed dependency

If you focus on only one channel, dependencies arise - usually not directly visible - to the corresponding provider, in this case to Facebook. Such exclusive connections make you unnecessarily vulnerable and should not be entered into for this reason alone.

With Facebook, of course, there is the added factor that it is an independent company that pursues its own internal goals. Unlike your own web presence on the Internet, your company or your fan page here therefore receives a different status.

Furthermore, it must be clear to most companies that you cannot reach your supposedly acquired fans without using an advertising budget. At the beginning, the build-up of your own reach is admittedly supported by the operator.

With time, however, the responsiveness of your fans dwindles and the establishment of an advertising account is on the agenda. Of course, this is in the sense of the global player, this approach is as profit-oriented as legitimate.

In addition to the advantageous target group-specific address that you can convey via Facebook, you should always be aware of this aspect in particular as an entrepreneur. Therefore, if possible, direct your acquired customers in parallel to your other presences and channels, in order to push there, for example, the registration in your newsletter distribution lists or the installation of mobile apps. This strengthens you overall and also lets you implement more favorable advertising measures.

Point 2: A rich combinability

If you have built up an assortment of digital presences such as app, website and, of course, the fan page and established these channels, you can nevertheless link them wonderfully: visitors to your app or website, for example, can be addressed indirectly and easily via Facebook with a few means. At the same time, of course, you can target potential customers there with your own offer using an advertising budget.

Combine the design-related freedom of choice of your content on all other channels besides Facebook with this. This way you can present your products in a sufficient and appealing light. The common Facebook user is not firmly attached to the platform anyway and likes to change perspectives from time to time - especially if he is also offered something visually attractive.

Point 3: Of multi-channel and multi-choice

This brings us to the third point of our execution: what a Facebook page cannot do is customize it to your business processes. Everything in the form of Internet pages can be adapted to your needs with a few simple steps, depending on the system used, and aligned from the point of view of attracting customers or initiating business. Thus you can sell products on-line, take up date reservations, show valuable information to your products, offer additional service and animate so to further-recommend.

With the points mentioned you can make yourselves already a good picture for the necessity of a broad medialen setting up of your enterprise. It is crucial for all channels that you not only act, but also react: Engage in dialog with your customers whenever possible, let them participate and help shape it. This creates loyalty and real added value. On all channels.

And by all, I really mean all - because the analog, classic channels must and must not be lost sight of today. Depending on the target group, message, product or overall concept, analog measures can offer the decisive counterpoint to your digital strategies - and inspire.

If you know of any other channels and recipes for success with regard to multichanneling and social media strategies, we look forward to your feedback. Just send us a comment or an email!