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Advance - or perish: Are you a digital master?

In the last blog post I talked about the fun factor in digitizing your own business: Experience and use new opportunities, offer advantages, act faster - and hand things off.

If you commit to this attitude, there is basically not much standing in your way to becoming a digital master. Ambition, a love of innovation and clever entrepreneurship are things you're bound to bring with you anyway if you're on the road to success with your company.

So now it's down to the mastery of digitization. Becoming a digital master sounds good, doesn't it? In my case, this is a prerequisite, so to speak, but it can be just as true for everyone else. After all, digital and automated structures are entering every part of our lives, our consumption, our work.

Netheless, it's still new to many - and now you're supposed to become a master directly? This sounds modern, important and right, but how can this be implemented?

Stagnation can no longer be an option

Before we take a closer look at the topic, we should briefly consider the opposite: How conservative are you as an entrepreneur if you don't become a digital champion? What impact will it have on your business if you don't move with the times? Do you want to go old school? Feeling-wise, I don't think anyone wants to. And in reality, there are enough entrepreneurs who have already decided to go digital.

So what does it mean to become a digital master? If you look at the term among the commonly found information on the Internet, it is about using the new media and tools to become even better, to keep up and to stay competitive.

Internet, smartphones, mobile applications, digital service, automation of almost all processes. With digital or electronic business processes, you open a lot of doors - if you take advantage of these opportunities and can handle it all with ease. Just like a professional does in his profession.

Accordingly, it's also about finding the motivation to break free from the conservative rails and embark on this new and promising path. Change always requires energy, but realize: these will come anyway, whether you go along or not.

Keep in mind that automation and the transition from digital to analog always come with improvements: it can and will strengthen your company. After all, with the introduction of computers - that was what felt like ages ago - company processes also improved significantly.

Mastering digitization - and winning at all levels

As a digital master, you now have the task of lifting many more areas of your company - small, medium or large - into the digital age. Not because it serves an end in itself, but to reap the benefits of this transition on all the numerous fronts. Both internally and externally.

Why? The advantages alone, which are well-known and mentioned everywhere, are already enormous: automated and more efficient processes, time savings, more functions with less effort, continuous savings and scalable processes with fewer failures are only the first.

If you throw these into a pot with completely individual advantages, they add up to an enormous sum of benefits. These hold economic gains for you and your company, added value for the customer - and another challenge for the competition. If you are willing to maintain this competitive edge, all doors are open to you.

From this perspective, being a digital master in your business is an enormously desirable goal. So what's stopping you from shedding everything conservative and pinning on the needle of digitization?

Investing in the future that pays off

Right, yes, all these steps of digitization require knowledge, time and upfront costs before they take hold and bring the aforementioned benefits. But the crucial perspective here can be clarified with the words of the well-known screw king Reinhold Würth:

"Standstill is regression and the first step into the grave." According to this quote, there can only be one direction for the successful entrepreneur, and that is forward.

With this insight in mind, an entrepreneur can, will and must seize the virtue of entrepreneurial thinking again and fight his way intelligently through the thicket of the digitalization jungle.

Because today's and tomorrow's technologies are all wonderful, nevertheless our tasks must be not to digitize everything come hell or high water, but to look for smart solutions and partial steps on the market with an intelligent hand.

What benefits my company and me? What do my customers want, how can I offer them that? And how can I act in such a way that I tread a path that carries me constantly and holistically into the future, not just in completed modules?

Self is the master!

Has one clarified these questions and rationally as well as intuitively found good, it is: Implement and let it work. And the best thing about it is: it's easier than you might think at first.

Although it all sounds very theoretical, it shows a rough path to the future. For you, it means becoming capable of action and resilience again. And being able to keep up and go with digitalization as well as its proponents. Ultimately, it is precisely this that makes a true digital master.

In conclusion, I would like to refer you to an article by Dr. Holger Schmidt interesting on the subject . Because digital transformation and rapid change ask for exactly these steps out of the permanently threatening standstill into the world of advantages and constant change. Let these thoughts resonate - and then go with it!

So - are you becoming a master? Or maybe you already are? Write to us and let us share!