DigitalNow - Your flexible start in the world of digitization Beta

Convert previously paper-based workflows or even new workflows to a new efficient approach. Design different forms to digitally capture and process all operations. The integrated cloud-based database keeps your data safe and long-term. stored.

Design forms completely freely according to your ideas

To ensure that your digitization project runs as smoothly as possible, you can You can design the necessary forms individually and flexibly. This includes the division into sections for better clarity and the choice between and the choice of over 20 different field types. These include information fields, as well as simple entries, e.g. e-mail, numbers or but also selection and also signature fields. This allows you to to actually say goodbye to previously paper-bound work steps and switch to digital.

With the integrated cloud database, secure storage always takes place

With each form type created and its form input saved by users, the creation of a secure data storage for the input takes place automatically in the background. takes place. You do not need any knowledge about servers or database software. The storage is secured multiple times in our data centers within Germany. Germany. Some of the data collected is stored temporarily on the user's device in the app for quick access. for quick access, the rest is stored in the cloud. This saves you tedious work such as back-ups or software updates of the data and software.

Secure your data with ordered access via users and groups

By definition, created forms can be accessed by everyone who knows your app address. However, if you want to restrict this completely or partially and e.g. only allow logged-in users access to your own data, you can use detailed setting options to create detailed setting options to implement a variety of access scenarios. In addition to the definition of users, user groups can also be defined and bundled. authorized. Individual completed forms can also be secured separately.

Fill or modify your designed forms easily

Users can then use the form types you have created to enter their data in the form of in the form of input masks. Here the function tries to simplify the inputs, to avoid as far as possible arising barriers directly. The stored data or forms forms remain, depending upon defined authorization for the users also after the creation and can be changed subsequently. For easy data exchange, it is also possible to print or PDF export is also possible from the app. Likewise can also be easily shared and forwarded to support planned workflows.

Have push or email notifications sent to you or other users when changes are made

Allow yourself a first automation of workflows, in which you can be informed about new created form entries or but also changes can be informed independently. For this purpose you can optionally specify recipients when designing your forms, who will then receive information. This extends over the defined users or user groups and reaches in form of a two-way communication back to the creator of the form.

Export your data optionally for other purposes

Basically, all captured data is always stored in your integrated cloud-based database. Should your processes ever require you to download the data from the system and process it elsewhere, to download the data from the system and process it elsewhere, you will have easy possibilities to export this data. The same also applies to the import / import of data.

Use or exchange created forms as you like

The creation of forms usually requires quite a bit of time, depending on their complexity. It is therefore all the easier to save this time in the future by simply reusing forms. forms in the future. This means that, for example, form types can be reused within an app or even across apps and use them multiple times. This also allows multiple versions of the same form, for example. We are already working on a kind of marketplace where users can retrieve forms for different for different purposes and exchange them if necessary.

How to activate the potential of DigitalNow
also for your digital presence

At least one new Premium Package is required. Among the different modules, a menu item can be added to your app under the title "Digital data collection". You can then design your forms and start collecting data from your users or employees. Try it out and feel free to send us your feedback.