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What can our apps do better?

The following are a few points that distinguish us from our competitors:

  • Our apps move with the times, without detours your app enjoys an ever-growing feature set.
  • You distribute your app without annoying app stores and markets with an easy-to-remember address such as
  • In addition to iPhone, iPad and Android phones as well as tablet PCs, your app will be supported on more and more mobile platforms in the future.
  • Although our apps are built on new web technologies, they also work smoothly without an active internet connection on the cell phones of your customers and prospects.
  • If you no longer like the design, structure or content of your app, simply maintain something new via your own administration area of the app.
  • Your used function modules become more intelligent. These support your customers and prospects in the selection of your products, so they are more likely to visit you in the future.