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Opening hours - Clear and Intelligent


Present your opening hours simply and clearly. Store per day whether and when your company is open. Also enter optional existing break periods, so that customers and fans have an overview of your availability.


Each day of the week has "From" and "To" text entry fields, respectively, where regular business hours are stored in "Hour: Minute" format.

If your business closes intermittently during the day, for example, because there is a lunch break or other interruptions, the two input fields on the right must be filled in each time.

On the weekdays on which your company is generally closed, it is sufficient to simply leave the corresponding fields blank.

For separate opening hours, the field "Other information ..." can be filled in.

Recommendation / Tip:

The module "Opening hours" is an important component for the also usable "Appointment" function module. With the help of this, suitable free appointments are offered to your customers and fans.