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Images gallery - show products, events, etc. in detail


With an image gallery you present at a glance, for example, your products, events or even other things worth seeing. All the images you want to display in the app, you just add to a list.

The images are automatically enlarged in the app when touched. There, they can be scrolled back and forth by swiping, as well as enlarged by double-tapping.


In the list, all images from the media library are listed in descending order, which should be displayed in the app.


To add images to the list, click the plus icon or enter the names of the images from the media library. When doing so, start a new line for each image.

The images can be easily moved in order by touching them.

Also, each image can optionally be given a title and description, which are also displayed within the menu items.


In addition to the list view, images can also be displayed side by side in the form of a grid pattern. The number in each case depends on the available resolution and width of the smartphone or tablet.

Gallery background transparent - Regularly, a frame in the respective color tone of the design is used when displaying the images. Enabling the function will hide it completely.

Hide title and description - Optionally, a background text can also be hidden completely.

Show borderless enlarged - Normally a border is always left between the images to delimit the images. If this is not desired, it can be optionally disabled via this.