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Discount vouchers (coupons) - With them you will please every customer


Publish a discount coupon quickly and easily. A description, the value and the available total number of vouchers is sufficient for this. Per smartphone and customer, the published voucher is then redeemable only once.


After filling out the fields mentioned below, the discount promotion will be started.

The availability of new discount coupons is always checked after the app is started and the menu item is called. If none is available, a corresponding message is displayed.

Validation of an offered coupon in the current version is only possible on site in the presence of one of your employees. This is the only way to ensure that the coupon has been properly redeemed.

Detailed description - Put a detailed description of the coupon. Either as formatted text with an image or just an image of your printed voucher.

How many coupons to provide - Represents the available size of redeemable coupons. When the number of redeemed coupons reaches this value, no new ones will be offered in your app. You can offer more coupons by increasing the value.

Value per piece (incl. currency or percentage sign) - Briefly state what the value of this coupon is. This is placed in larger font clearly below the description text. Thus customers and prospective customers recognize at a glance what you can save with the coupon. e.g. "25% discount on everything!"

Release discount action - By switching to "On", the discount action is started. "Off" allows you to pause or reset the action and start a new one.

Note!Per customer and cell phone, the discount voucher offered can be redeemed only once. This protects you from frequent use by individual customers. However, for technical reasons, this can not be 100% guaranteed.