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What do direct and recommendation mean in live report / statistics?

The live report gives you a picture of how your app is being used. This focuses on the most important details so you can get a quick overview.


You can also get the following hints by pointing your mouse at the content in the live report.

The fields break down as follows:

term meaning
App launched Counts every start of the app per respective day. E.g. when a push notification is called, the app is started in each case.
App Preview When your app is accessed via the address on a device such as a PC or Mac, users are taken to a so-called landing page. The presents a preview of your app on the left side. On the right side is the QR code and further instructions for installing the app.

App downloaded When an app is accessed for the first time via a new device, it is counted here. This is an important indicator to see how widespread your app is and if new users were added to the given day.

Attention! Users who uninstall and then reinstall your app are also counted here due to the system.

Direct If someone accesses the app directly through your app address by manually accessing it in their browser or downloading it from Google Play or the Apple AppStore, it will be listed here.

Recommendation If you distribute your app address due to promotional efforts in your emails, Facebook or Twitter posts, or even by linking directly from your website, it falls under this point.

So every time someone accesses your link to the app and thus gets to it, it will be counted as a recommendation.
QR Code As under "Recommendation", this applies to the QR code of the app. You can get this, for example, in the app administration, via email from us or via the app landing page.

By scanning the QR code jumps in each case the device directly to your app.

Tip and note!If your app is already in one of the app stores, the device will be detected on the first call, so that the user then jumps directly to the respective store depending on Android or iOS device and download the app there much easier.

App Downloads This refers to the total number of all apps downloaded for the first time. Thus, it reflects the overall distribution of the app on different devices and across users.

Installations This shows the fixed installation of the app on the user's device.
Active Users

This shows the recurring uniquely identifiable users for the last 180 days.

Note!This represents an approximate value and can not be determined exactly due to technical reasons. E.g., if users use or switch the private mode of the browser, these are counted each time as a new active user.