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Live & real-time chat integration via external provider


Integrate an external chat service directly for faster support of your users, e.g. for questions or suggestions. This allows a real-time address at any desired time of day or night. Simple and free of charge via


Public key of chat access - In order to open the correct chat in the app, you only need to deposit the key (Public API Key) defined in the access of the chat account. This is located at, for example, under "General / Preferences" and there at "Public Key". This can also be used simultaneously on several apps in addition to your own website.

Start chat only through menu item - Regularly, an icon for opening the chat is usually displayed within the app when there is an active chat. Here it does not matter within which menu item you are. By activating the switch, the chat can then only be opened by clicking on the menu item or in the main menu at the top right in the submenu. So this with under no longer disturbs users who may rather rarely fall back on the chat.


Should the chat menu item in the main menu interfere, it can be moved or even hidden at any time without affecting the function. However, removing the function disables the chat within the app.