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Why a separate developer account is necessary for the publication under Google Play and how it is created?

For the placement of your app in Google Play, we can for your app since the beginning of 2019 no longer as before, use our central developer access. Google now pursues corresponding guidelines much stricter, so that from now on the need for access.

Please note that the publication is basically not required, as your app is also accessible at any time via your globally accessible app address (seen above in the app management) also accessible via smartphones and desktop PCs or Macs and installable as a modern web app.

To learn why the World Wide Web is the better place to market your app, see our article "The Web is the New App Store - App Marketing 2.0".

Your own Google Play developer account - Quick and easy to create

In just under four steps and a maximum of five minutes, you will register your own developer account. Once completed, we will then republish your app under your name

Step 1 - Start registration


Under Sign in to Google Play you start the registration process. Inasmuch as you already have a Google account, you can continue by accepting the terms of use and the item "Continue to payment".

Step 2 - Pay one-time registration fee


Set the payment method for the one-time registration fee and tap "Read Terms of Use" and "Buy" in the subsequent window.

Step 3 - Submit contact details


Submit your contact data and determine the name displayed in the Google Play Store, which should appear under the title of your app, among other things. Via "Complete registration" you finish the actual registration of your access.

Step 4 - Grant permission for administration

In the last step, just grant us permission to manage your app so that we can publish it for you now and in the future. To do this, simply follow the three instructions below each image.


A.Select the "Invite Members to the Developer Console" item in the bottom left corner.


B. Under "User accounts & rights" tap "Invite new user".


C.Paste our address "" under email address, then select "Administrator" as role and confirm with "Send invitation".

Step 5 - Sharing your developer name or access email address

In order for us to receive and match your invitation to grant access, all we need to do is provide your developer name or email prior to sharing the release within App Management.