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How do I get started with a mobile offering and what to consider when setting it up?

Insofar as you don't already have a firm idea for your mobile app, you can usually follow our clear checklist that is successfully in use:


From design to announcement in less than an hour!

The checklist includes few items that you can easily work on starting from the top. Depending on your skill level, the four items can be easily implemented in a few minutes to an hour once started, even for the inexperienced.

Should you have here already temporally little possibilities, we take over this naturally also gladly separately for you? Contact us for this purpose about information simply via our live chat on the right below.

2. 🎨 Design - deposit logo, icon, color scheme, etc.

In order for the app to be associated with your business or private venture, it needs a visual coat of paint. Here we make it easy for you due to the variety of possible solutions and reduce the necessary details to a healthy minimum.

In the "Design" tab, the relevant visual specifications can be done in a fixed manner.

3. 🍱 Presentation - "What do we do", opening hours etc.

Before your app gets important added values, the basic information should be deposited. For this purpose, use already created building blocks such as "What do we do!", opening hours, contacts, etc. These should be filled with the information about your company or project. In doing so, you will already learn how to handle the administration and individual building blocks easily and intuitively.

Don't be afraid, the deposited state doesn't have to be complete. You can add, change or remove more information and building blocks at any time. All changes will be immediately distributed to all devices of your users. Even if they are using your app at that very moment.

4. 📣 Communication - news, store, coupons, chat etc.

To ensure that your app is also used by your users for as long as possible, you need a few building blocks that will ensure this for you depending on the direction. Here it depends on whether you have a business or are implementing this as an association or private for a group. First and foremost, news always plays a role. For this you can use the module of the same name and provide this with current news.

As a company, for example, instruments for sale, that is, a mobile store, as customer loyalty also loyalty cards or vouchers are very important. To constantly stay in touch with customers and get important feedback if necessary, it is also easy to use a chat.

Tip: The form module can be used perfectly to digitally record processes such as reservations or project inquiries that were previously carried out by phone or by hand without interruption. This saves you valuable time and allows your customers to contact your business even at unusual times of the day.

Tip II: In general, relevant information in your field is always worth its weight in gold. After the subsequent publication Google visits you more often and ensures that remote users also find you by searching for your topics.

Tip II: In general, relevant information in your field is always worth its weight in gold

Associations or private projects can also use the building blocks in a similar way, but focus on other things. Here, for example, more information, possibly even staggered with the help of submenus, represent a higher added value.

Because of the integrated social network, a lot of information in the app can be commented and liked or disliked by the users. This creates communication on all sides.

5. 🏆 Announcement - Distribute to first fans & customers

Once your first offer is in place, you should engage first users in advance. Good customers, team members or simply people who will give you initial feedback are eligible for this.

You can find out how easy it is to do this in the "Publish" tab at the top. Below that, you'll learn what the app address is all about and how your app will end up on your users' smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac.

Leave the automatically enabled comment feature turned on so that feedback can happen directly within the app.

To distribute the app, you don't have to officially publish it yet, but you should already come up with a concise short name as the app address. You can set this in the "Settings" tab.

During the testing phase, it is important that you also use the news feature, among others, and publish articles on a trial basis so that push notifications arrive at users. In parallel, you can always see how often the app is downloaded or restarted in the upper right tab "Live Report".

6. ❤️ Feedback - Collect positives and have fun

While you are collecting feedback, which you can take a week or two to do, you can in parallel implement the findings directly through the app's administration. When it comes to content issues or simple feedback about missing features, you can easily integrate them live in no time.

With each major step of change, it's great to push a renewed news article. This can briefly and concisely outline the changes.

Should you and your test group encounter any bugs or have any further requests, it will help us if you also let us know about them in the direct way via the live chat at the bottom right. Often our support team might already have an idea how to implement it after all or forward it directly to our product development.

And how it goes from there...

By reaching this step, you have already accomplished great things. You have created a mobile offering, filled it with content relevant to you and your users, learned how to use the administration, and gained your first loyal users.

Now it's time to publish the app in the big one and let Google, Facebook and email take care of the spread of your app. How to do this, you will learn again in the tab "Publish" or directly in the overview of the administration.

Good luck and keep us posted. ✌️