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DSGVO - data protection or not - your app is ready.

Is there a search function?

Why are my menu items not displayed as icons?

On which phones can our app be used?

What are function blocks?

Which function blocks are available?

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Why you need your own Apple developer account for AppStore publishing and how to create it?

Why don't I receive push notifications on iOS about my app published in the AppStore?

What can our apps do better?

Why a separate developer account is necessary for the publication under Google Play and how it is created?

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Why is it not possible to click the "Receive news via push" button?

Why and why does my app have an app address?

How do I install the app on a desktop PC or Mac?

How do I install the app on a smartphone (e.g. iPhone, Android Samsung and Huawei) and tablet (e.g. iPad)?

Why can't I find the app on my iPhone/Android device?

How much does an app cost with you?

How much does an app cost with you?