The Sauerlandfenster App

Innovation-Sustainability-Service: With new ways out of the crisis!

The awarding of the German Tourism Prize 2020 is coming up.

This year we are also there with our joint project. Let our short video about our idea of a "new start" in the industry convince you.

Your benefits in a nutshell

The center for the guest

Visitors to the app can use it to get an up-to-date overview of the weather and the current infection figures in the local Obermarsberg area. Likewise, a live image can be called up on site at any time via the permanently mounted webcam.

As a hub, this acts as a modern progressive app for guests and also previously interested tourists of the region.

The omnichannel solution combines information research in advance and use during the stay. All stored information can be found directly at any time via common search engines such as Google. This reduces content maintenance for the host to a central source.

The Sauerlandfenster-App

Simply photograph the QR code via the camera app and test live.
Simply get started digitally

Whether for arrival and departure as well as stay

For the guest, the mobile solution represents a fixed point of contact from start to finish. Starting from the presentation to the booking and beyond all important information during the stay, this allows the guest a more relaxed and relaxing time in the accommodation.

Even after the vacation, the guest can stay in touch, so that the chances of a repeat booking increase significantly. In the so-called aftersales, valuable information, but also offers about possible discounted booking opportunities can be communicated simply via push notification. This is unique among many available solutions so far.

Wide range of possibilities, powerful building set

The accommodation in the best light

All available accommodations can be presented excellently with a variety of visual options. As a potential guest, you can get an extensive overview of the resort and the associated premises in advance.

If you like, a firmly integrated and uninterrupted direct booking incl. availability calendar is possible via the provider smoobu. This also automatically performs a calendar comparison with other booking portals such as Airbnb or Home2Go, so that unnecessary manual rework is saved.

Potential guests can view the ratings and also individual guestbook entries directly in pictures and thus get an idea of the quality provided. Potentially, own comments and a two-way communication of the guests within the app are possible after activation.

Simple prices, comprehensive app packages

Innovative services for pure relaxation

In addition to direct booking, the range of services offered on site also includes a wide variety of services. These can include, for example, bread delivery services or more extensive services for business customers. These can be implemented via intuitive input forms, but also simply as a contact page with a button for a direct call (Click2Call) via a connection to WhatsApp.

With the help of the aforementioned provider smoobu, the services can also be paid for digitally and thus cashless with calendar reconciliation directly via various payment options.

The variety of information also extends to general information on arrival and departure, so you can save on annoying paper flyers on site and simply refer your users to the app via QR code.

Exemplary customers and good ideas

Tour plans without annoying brochures always with you

Massively distributed local brochures of events and other local attractions are now history. With the mobile app, you can provide your guests with all conceivable information directly and everywhere. In addition, you can always store the latest and hottest places and tours completely paperless or simply link to their online offer. This allows you unimagined cooperation with suitable travel partners such as restaurants.

Without much work, you can make recommendations and also simplify registrations and ticket bookings for your guests. In the times of Corona, you can also display the daily occupancy of the locations and integrate a direct link to the navigation.

Use the offer but directly times live and in color

Via the mobile app, you can try out the aforementioned services directly on a modern desktop, tablet and especially smartphone directly.

The responsive website shows you the wonderful combination of some services with the the app and the overall offer.