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Now - Your own app includes your own individual domain!

It's no secret that marketing your own app is now much more efficient, even without placement in the world's app stores. At The web is the new app store - app marketing 2.0 you can learn, among other things, why it is the much better way.

In the context, of course, also comes the desire to use rather a completely own domain suitable for itself instead of the previously convenient xyz.zur-app.de or xyz.die-app.de or xyz.zur.app addresses.

Whether it is the recently available .app domain from Google or even proven own .de, .at and Co. domains. Inasmuch as you are in possession of these, we now enable you to connect your app with the specially defined address. In doing so, we take over the necessary work for the connection and secure encryption of the content. Interested? Then learn more at Can I use my own address / domain for my app? How to.

Even for apps that have been around for a long time, this is not a problem, as your old address will remain in place at the same time and search engines will also be redirected accordingly.