Update article

Sharing content made easy - news & events.

While browsing the Internet, apps and the like, you discover something interesting, something that is of value and helpful to you and others. Wouldn't it then be nice not to simply pass on this content. To share or also New German "to share"?

Well then, you should not let yourself and your users from doing that from now on also in the own app.

Above each news and events article is now enthroned on the top right of the all-known "share" icon. With it one reaches within the Smartphones on the large selection of installed Apps, so that only the choice is to be made, where are my dearest ones, business partners and other receivers best to reach.

Here an example at the peb2 - The Movement and Meeting Site in Eningen:

Another login to the social network, duplicate entries and the like are not to be feared here. Simply select the target app and off the mail to the recipient. Try it out and report back.