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What are the alternatives to placement in the app stores?

To answer a small selection of possible options and questions, we have compiled some questions / answers below. Among other things, these relate to your app no longer being listed in one of the stores or serve as a supplement to our popular blog article The Web is the New App Store - App Marketing 2.0.

Is my app still accessible to users now?

If users have already downloaded your app, it will still be available on their respective devices. In addition, your app has always been accessible anywhere on the Internet via the conventional Internet address. This can be found in the administration top left next to the operator logo from us. This usually ends with or similar. About this address and the content of your app, it can also be found on Google, Bing and Co.

My app is still listed in a store, what happens to it?

Depending on the store provider, an exclusion may occur later in the process. Apple has been removing automatically for some time, if there are only a few downloads of the app or last content updates are a long time ago. Likewise, this happens with Apple as soon as you order an update through our accesses.

What do I have to do to still be listed in the stores again?

You now need your own developer access for the respective store. This is partly chargeable and the registration we can or may unfortunately not take over for you. This sometimes involves considerable bureaucratic effort, which we may also only partially take over. Inasmuch as you have created a developer account for us under the following help article and authorized us to do so, we can resume our part of the work and ensure placement in the stores.

- Why a separate developer account is necessary for publishing on Google Play and how to create it?

- Why a separate Apple developer account is necessary for AppStore publishing and how to create it?

Once completed, simply reply to this email.

Isn't store placement part of the contract at the time of purchase?

The ordered service includes the provision of the app via the Internet. This is done continuously and even without the entries in the stores. The additional placement at Google and Apple (i.e. the work for the first release) were only included in the package at the time. Due to the changed guidelines at Apple and Google, we are no longer allowed to do this through our own accesses. We already had to point out this circumstance in our terms of use and in the order when we released the publication. We are also not aware of any provider who promises the placement contractually, as this can not take a guaranteed influence on the store providers. Therefore, such contractual constellations would not be serious.

What does now the direct marketing via the Internet for my app?

With the previous placement in the stores alone, it is unfortunately not done. Users do not automatically become aware of it. The novel marketing without a store now runs much more elegantly on the same principle as that of your website. Here you use your app address and distribute it through the different channels like Facebook as a post, Twitter as a tweet, on your invoice as a printable QR code or with the named address. Likewise, your content will be found in search engines, so most users who enter your company name in the search line on your devices will be taken directly there.

These so-called Progressive Web Apps, as your app is also called, have many further advantages.

Caution! As of late, there is an option to give your app address a personal, shorter name, which ends directly with ".app". So for example or Such addresses ending with ".app" are automatically ranked higher on Google in the medium term and are therefore much easier for users to enter and thus quickly found. This makes you vastly superior to the millions of irrelevant search results in the AppStore search.

Our offer: If you approve of the novel marketing and save yourself the registration of developer access for the stores, we take over the registration of a desired ".app" domain for you completely and bind it to your existing app. This way you do not lose any existing users and at the same time benefit from better discoverability. This service which normally costs 99 EUR / year, you will receive free of charge from us as a gesture of goodwill at that moment.

Does this type of app marketing not have disadvantages or is too complicated for users?

On the contrary, because a sometimes unnecessary download of the app is thus no longer necessary. The app is immediately usable after finding it on Google or directly entering the address. Installation is optional. Even push notifications can now be activated simply when "walking by" without installation, depending on the device. The user has the choice of using only what he wants in terms of information. In the case of conventional downloads from the stores, many users have demonstrably not downloaded the app in the first place and are thus lost to you right at the beginning.

So as soon as the app appears on the user's device, there is a brief indication of how to install it. This is now firmly established in the minds of many users as a possibility and is used actively. Thus, do not be irritated by the first appearance.

Google and Apple are working here constantly to further simplify the process of installation.

Will I still receive push notifications?

Yes and No. On Android devices, push notifications can be enabled and disabled just as easily. On iOS, meaning Apple, we have been waiting for a long time for this simple procedure to be activated as well. Here we currently fall back as one of the few providers to a simple Push via email. With marketing via the internet, even PCs and Macs get the benefit of being able to install your app as well and become ready to receive push notifications.

What if I have more questions or want to access the offer for my own domain?

Then just answer or write us briefly and concisely by email. We will be happy to answer any further questions. We will usually set up your own domain for the app on the same day.