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Goodbye website, the app for everywhere is here.

What could be worse than maintaining multiple content sources at the same time. Starting from the own website, the Facebook fan page, the yellow pages entry or even the own app. Not to mention the divergent information content and functional scopes that exist in the process. With news it is every time a marathon to accommodate everywhere his information.

From today you can simply save yourself a powerful step!

Your app is now from a current premium package in the position, even on large screens such as.For example, the desktop Windows PCs or Mac OS systems completely and with appropriate optics, without customization to run.

Because this is a so-called Progressive Web App, in addition to the fast accessibility of information across all screen boundaries, your users can also receive push notifications and even install your app permanently in the system as a proper application. This is made possible by modern browsers like Chrome, which is being used by more and more users. Browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Opera also follow the possibilities in many respects;

This means that in the future you can definitely leave your previous website aside and completely rely on a content source that will be available to all your users and fans in a flash thanks to its offline capability.

Just try it out and activate the function in the app management. To do this, you will find a corresponding item under the "Settings" in the top left corner, which only needs to be pressed once.

From this moment on, you can also call up the mobile presence on all modern systems, whether small or large, via your previous app address.

There are no disadvantages for your users in terms of operation. Through the large screen areas, even various information such as the lists of videos or store articles are displayed more clearly.

You already like the view and you still have some ideas and suggestions? Well then, just share them with us. Either directly under the article as a comment or by e-mail.