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For advanced users - export, import and duplicate blocks and menu items

Power users who like to reuse content in the form of blocks and menu items in the app multiple times, or simply want to transfer the content to other apps, is now helped.

As soon as the switch for advanced users has been activated under the contact data at "Miscellaneous and Newsletter", advanced functions can be used in the administration. Attention Here, a higher-quality app package may well be necessary.

In the overview of the menu items as well as in the settings areas of the modules can be retrieved from then on relevant functions:

The content of building blocks and menu items can now be easily downloaded to the local PC, Mac or tablet and uploaded or read again elsewhere in the same app or in other apps. This makes duplicating content a simple step.

What is transferred or read out in the process?

The entire content of the modules / menu items is regularly read out and downloaded. Included are also linked images from the media library. When uploading the module, the images in another app are also properly transferred to the new media library.

Which data is not downloaded?

Modules also contain, for example, so-called traffic data, such as the confirmed appointments in the appointment module, awarded loyalty points in loyalty cards or even individual data records in the module for digital data processing. Likewise, there are still optionally linked "Like" details and comments from users. This type of data is deliberately not read out with.

For a pure copy, store and later read in the menu items, this function is therefore not suitable!

Are also submenus and the underlying modules downloaded?

Yes, with submenus, all the modules stored in it are also downloaded. Including all connected images from the media library. For a mobile store, for example, the entire catalog, including item descriptions, item images and linked images are also read out.

Why are some read out files so large?

Depending on the size of the modules including the image material and other sub-areas, larger amounts of data may be incurred. Before downloading, however, the file is compressed and thus smaller in overall size.

Can I continue to edit the downloaded blocks locally?

Currently, the output files are highly encrypted for data protection reasons. This ensures smooth operation and protects against tampering with the dumped data after it has been read out and before it is read in again. This may still change in the future.