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How do I link to menu items from individual content pages or news articles or push notifications?

If you want to link directly from individual content pages or even news articles to individual menu items and modules within your app, for example, and thus enable your users to jump there quickly, all you need is the unique address of the menu item.

You can get this in the administration area directly from the browser's address bar.

1. To do this, go to the desired target menu item and then copy the highlighted area after the "#" character to your clipboard.

2. Now jump back to your news article or individual content page and tap on the "Edit" item there so that you can see the edit screen.

3. Then tap on the chain icon and use it to insert a shortcut. For this, use a "/" character plus the unique address of the module from the clipboard.

4. At the end, the shortcut appears as a blue button, which you can optionally still rename or visually redesign.

Should you move the affected menu item in the future, an update of the linking is not necessary, since this is a unique and not changeable designation.