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Why Progressive Web Apps (PWA for short) fuel your business?

Progressive web applications are simply websites as ever, only better. In a modern web browser, they show their superpowers and become ...


Recognizable as an application and directly discoverable and searchable with search engines like Google. Once found, it can be used directly without the need for a lengthy download.


Available on all devices including smartphone, tablet and also PC and Mac, on the home screen - without the hurdles of app stores.


Easily share via app address without difficult installation. Whether via email, social media posting or even scannable QR code.

Network independent

Functions offline and in poor reception. Starts quickly and caches data for users before reconnecting


Works for everyone, no matter what web browser they use. The more modern it is, the more features like push can be activated.

User binding

Makes user engagement easy with push notifications, even when the user isn't looking. Notifications can be sent to users even without installing the app


Fits any screen: Desktop, mobile, tablet or what will come. It is a long term alternative replacement for the previous website.


Secure connections prevent data theft and guarantee integrity. Your users will feel all the more secure.


Fast and Qualitative

Despite fast operation within the app, they still give you the feeling as if you are using a native app.

App Store obligation goodbye

It can be published without pre-testing and waiting. Additional costs for developer access are eliminated. No bureaucratic effort and the content can be determined by yourself without influence.

In addition to all the benefits, it will bring you significantly more users compared to current studies, as the cumbersome several steps by installing an app from the store are eliminated.

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