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PushPlus - Now also with e-mail!

Push notifications are already a cool thing for app operators. These represent without any interruption the most direct way to the everyday object of the customer, the smartphone.

Because of the many possibilities, this is now also possible on the desktop PC and Mac. Regardless of whether the own app in one of the two stores placed it or not.

Nevertheless, this transmission path has its pitfalls and, depending on the type of frequencies and content of the notifications, is partly not activated by the app users at all or deactivated again after a relative period of time.

Here, the much longer proven e-mail as a means of communication sets into the presche. The e-mail has clear further advantages in itself, since you are not always directly but more sustainable perceived by the recipients.

While the overview is lost with the multitude of push notifications and gladly times the button "Delete all" is tapped, an e-mail stays longer on average in the inboxes. This can be set to resubmission or simply forwarded.

The list of advantages and as well as disadvantages could finally be continued.

Why push over email is quite important!

From now on, you simply offer your users optionally at least two channels of communication, between which they can comfortably choose.

This has, for example, as modern Progressive Web App on iOS the advantage that the modern push technology is not yet available there and thus your users there already get your messages nevertheless pushed to the smartphone via the email channel. Consciously get pushed, that is, that usually an email app with the inbox behind it is installed and this quite relevant emails actually conjures as push notifications on the screen.

Somit you get both worlds push and email perfectly combined, as long as you of course distribute content that is considered valuable by your app users.

How do my users activate this now?

This is done in two ways. Most of the time, your app will actively point out the opportunity and encourage your users to enable this.

Way No. 1 - The active hint at the bottom of the app.

Way No. 2 - By clicking on the menu on the top right and the gear wheel there and there on Login or by tapping on the button.

Receiving emails requires confirmation, the so-called double opt-in procedure, which is done in one go at the moment of initial registration.

After the user has registered and simply confirmed by clicking in the email, the email notification of push notifications is activated. This can then also be conveniently turned on & off via the gear wheel.

When you now publish articles or other push relevant actions occur in the app, the system automatically sends native push notifications to all deposited users respectively and also corresponding emails. Completely transparent so you do not have to worry about the details.

Just try and point your users but simply on the new possibility. Your reach it will only be beneficial.

Small note! The function is currently enabled in all web app variants of your app. No matter whether Android, iOS or PC or Mac. Inasmuch as you have downloaded the app via one of the stores, you will not find the setting yet.

Therefore, take the chance to distribute your modern web app via the many alternative and more widely used ways and thus say goodbye to the complexity of the stores.

You still have some ideas and suggestions? Well then, just share them with us. Either directly below the article as a comment or by email.