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Release assistant for app publication in Google Play and Apple AppStore


For all the information provided, to avoid delays in the upcoming review process or possibly the subsequent suspension of the app placement in the stores, you must adhere to certain specifications. For more information, see, for example, Google Play - Store Listing and Advertising

Title of the app - The title of the app in the stores. This is independent of the title of the app.

A moderate short description - A description that briefly describes your app and its added value. Here you should write more than one sentence and avoid pure bullet lists. Likewise, pure mentions of keywords are not recommended, because the placement of your app in the stores, meanwhile majority happens about the content of the app and the description should only convince your potential users of the download.

Your App Icon - In addition to the regular small-resolution icon, a larger variant is needed for publication. Here, avoid simply increasing the size of the existing icon, otherwise blurriness will occur and this can have a negative impact on download behavior. Likewise, it is advisable to avoid black borders - due to incorrect proportions - in the images.

Placement in the Apple AppStore - For visibility in the iOS Apple AppStore, the selector switch must be activated. This requires a fully unlocked developer account with Apple. Under it, the Apple ID and the associated password are entered.

Placement on Google Play - Decide to what extent you also want visibility within Google Play. This will allow your app to be found in the official store on Android smartphones and tablets. When activated, this requires developer account for which you need to authorize us. For more details, please refer to the help article there.


After you have deposited all the necessary details, you can go to "Release app for publication in the stores" to approve your app for the next step.

On everything else, you will then each receive a notification from us by e-mail.

The general waiting time until the final publication in all stores is about 1 to 3 weeks. Due to the restrictive guidelines, however, this waiting time and some queries or proof on the part of the store operators is to be expected.

To learn why the World Wide Web is the better place to market your app, see our article "The Web is the New App Store - App Marketing 2.0".