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News & Events - Inform and announce


If you have something to share, this module will help you. Whether it's general news, introductions, offers or upcoming events - everything is summarized in this building block called an article. Users of your app get these articles displayed in an appealing overview chronologically by most recent article.

Interested parties can also receive a push notification immediately via PushPlus, for newly published articles.


All authored articles are listed in the overview. In addition to the date of creation, the title of the article is also listed. Unpublished articles are marked accordingly with a note.


The number of viewed items can be seen by clicking the eye icon on the right side.


Using the "Edit" or "Plus" button will take you to the actual editing dialog. In the upper area you define the heading. With the help of the displayed toolbar, the stored text can be visually refined.


If images are to be embedded alongside the text, this is done using the button shown on the right. Over it you select a previously uploaded image.

If you wish, you can set a date on which the article is automatically made invisible and can no longer be accessed by users. You can update, set or even remove this at any time even after publication.

After the article is written, it is not yet available to the public. Only with the publication of the marked article, by the button of the same name, the release takes place. All participants and devices entered via PushPlus are then automatically informed of this.

The PushPlus function mentioned at the beginning is used to keep customers and prospects up to date on news, even without regular visits to your mobile app.

Sort entries individually and do not display them according to the newest - Regularly, sorting is done in descending order according to the last article created and released. If you want an individual sorting, this can be implemented by activating this item. After activation, you can then move the respective articles by selecting them with the input device.

Hide date of creation - The date of creation is basically displayed in the list view. For example, if you want to set a schedule for news, you can put the date of the event in the heading at the beginning. In this case, the additional date may appear annoying and can thus be hidden.

In article overview only show headings without preview - By activating only the written out heading and optionally a background image of the article are shown in the overview. The content preview will be hidden.

Push recipient group restrict, as user must previously allow the reception - Inasmuch as you not all users immediately upon publication of articles want to send a notification, helps the activation to the effect that in addition to the regular permission to receive push notifications, this once again must make an activation within the menu item top right. For simplicity, the option should rather remain disabled.

For example, if you run different news with varying topics, you can use this option to give users the choice to be notified when new articles are posted.

TIP!This allows you to implement suitable separate communication channels in PIN protected submenus, for example. Ideal for employee areas - in case of news, only those users of your app will be informed separately who have access to this area, not all.

Allow reactions like "Like" or comments for logged in users - Allows users to interact with the content. To post comments and be notified about them as well (*). This allows a kind of social network within your own app. This requires a higher-end package and user login must be enabled.

(*) The activation of notifications for comments, replies and new likes via push and email will be done soon.


When writing articles, make sure you have a concise headline. This is what the user of your app reads first, after all. This also represents the first message in a push notification and should not be left blank.