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Versatile widgets - embedding audio, radio players, image galleries, etc.


You want to insert special content, but do not know you can implement this technically? Just access a catalog of over 80 ready-to-use widgets. These include the following options:

  • Audio, podcast and radio player (Incl. playlists)
  • Map display with list of locations
  • Event calendar
  • Photo gallery with slider function
  • Embed Google, Airbnb, Amazon reviews
  • Comprehensive weather display
  • TikTok, Instagram & Facebook
  • FAQ, price overview, customer reviews etc...

The integration of the offer is done by the reliable provider In it, many variants can already be found in the free offer. The registration and embedding is done with a few clicks.

Tip: Widgets from Elfsight can be integrated in addition to the display as a menu item also about editing in the content module and also in the main menu as a widget.

Note! The provision is made by embedding in the frame within the digital appearance. The functionality and operability is provided by the external provider. Any error messages and function requests are to be addressed directly to the provider of the game. The same applies to corresponding requests for data protection!


Select or edit appropriate widget - Select a widget from the available ones. After selection, the created widget can be edited at any time.